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Designed for handlers or officers young and old, with little or no experience to experienced decoys that are ready for some new challenges and techniques. Specifically designed to teach decoy techniques as it applies to police work. This is not SPORT training. Ground fighting, frontals and civil agitation are the key skills needed in police application and are emphasized throughout this course. A working knowledge of animal behavior and canine communication is also needed and covered throughout the 40 hour course of instruction. NOTE: You must be a Police K9 Handler or Police Officer who actively trains or assists in training of police work dogs. There are a number of small departments that only have one or two dog teams. These departments must often rely on fellow officers to assist in decoying, that is why I have opened this course to police officers not currently assigned to a K9 unit.

Areas to be covered:
Bite Sleeve Presentation
K9 Behavior Analysis
Understanding the Drive Triangle
Understanding how K9's communicate with each other
Body language and how to properly communicate it
Addressing your K9 opponent
Recognizing Stress
Safety Issues

Course Instructors: Instruction will be given by Franco Angelini. In September 2005, Franco retired after serving 25 years in law enforcement. Beginning with his experience as K9 handler/trainer with the US Army, through his years with the United States Secret Service, and as a K9 Handler/Trainer for the Harrisburg City Police Department now gives him the opportunity concentrate on his passion of educating handlers in the art of decoying, problem solving and behavior modification.

He also serves as a Master Trainer for the North American Police Work Dog Association and the President of the Pennsylvania Police Work Dog Association. He has and continues to work with private companies and public agencies on a national and international level. Franco has instructed here at Castle's K9 for eighteen years on a part-time basis but now serves full-time as a lead instructor.

Co-Instructor: Kevin Kelleher - Master Trainer NAPWDA/VPWDA and retired Head Trainer for the Norfolk Police Department. Currently the Program Manager at Blackwater.

Course outline: The course will include a one full day of classroom instruction and three additional days of hands on practical experience. You are not required to bring your K9 partner, but you are encouraged and invited to do so. If you have a problematic canine partner this will be a perfect time to problem solve. All students will be trained using proper technique in the use of the full suit, all level of sleeves, civil agitation, muzzle agitation and hidden sleeve.

a) Attendees will master their skills through practical exercises without of use of K9's
b) Once they have demonstrated the required skills we will then incorporate their K9 opponents
c) Digital still photos and video is taken of each student during the exercises and is then used for critiquing and instructional purposes d) Certificate of issued upon successful completion.

Enrollment: Proper decoy instruction requires a great deal of one on one training, for this reason class size will be limited to the first fifteen (15) qualified applicants.

Is your agency interested in hosting a decoy seminar?  Please contact us for information & potential scheduling.  Host agency gets two (2) comp slots upon fulfilling 15 registrant requirement.

Any additional information or inquires reference registration, fees, hotel accommodations, etc. can me made by contacting Franco Angelini at 717-554-5520 or through our contact us page.

Seminar Fee: $425.00